What I’m reading:

Family values in liberal states? If you read it, you’ll see why this isn’t all that surprising.

Gladwell article on spies. The cyclical back-and-forth he writes about is exactly the same with poker tells.

Obey quits Congress. The takeaway: “Frankly, I do not know what I will do next.  All I do know is that there has to be more to life than explaining the ridiculous, accountability destroying rules of the Senate to confused, angry, and frustrated constituents.”

The Trader Mentality. People hate on I-Bankers all the time, but I’m not always sympathetic to their arguments. This article shows why it’s more the machinations of the system, not the individuals.

The Risk of Greek Contagion. To me, the EuroCrisis ’10 looks eerily similar to what happened in 2008 with Lehmann – investors lose confidence and pull out money, which leads to a company being unable to act, which leads to more money being pulled out, etc. Then it dominoes. Let’s hope that Portugal/Spain/Italy aren’t next.

Kanellos the Greek protest dog.

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook. It seems reasonable to want Facebook settings to stay at some level, and if Facebook wants you to change them, it should have to ask. Facebook has an incentive, though, to get you to share as much as possible, and knows that inertia is a powerful force (i.e., people are lazy and won’t change from the default).


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