Linkage – May 13th

Graduation’s on Saturday, which is absurd. I’ll have more thoughts on this later, I think. What I’m reading:

Is graduating in three years crazy? Article is a little overblown – for some people, graduating in three years (whether due to financial reasons or just because they can) makes sense; for others, it’s too fast. In any event, an interesting article.

-You know how that one friend of yours who used to call you a Neanderthal? He was right.

-What makes a great teacher?

-Will a ‘Pandora for Education’ work? Too early to tell, but it’s encouraging that the New York Public School System is giving them a shot.

-Will entitlements be the death of us all? No – but this is still a thought-provoking article. Changes in Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are/will be necessary (or else America will go bankrupt, pure and simple).

-Acoustic version of Colday’s Shiver. Great song.

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