Linkage, 4/25

Brian Williams is funny.

-The physician who falsified evidence of a link between autism and the MMR vaccine still cultivates a following.

-The right way to break bad news.

-Obesity spreads like a virus. Lehrer references James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis, two researchers whose work was profiled in a New York Times Magazine article awhile back. If you are interested in learning more about any of this, pick up their book, Connected. It’s definitely worth a read.


Linkage, Easter Edition

Family-Practice physician can’t sell his practice – the saddest part of this article was, in my opinion: “He [the physician] cannot bring himself to join a large group practice or work for a hospital because he opposes their growing use of nurse practitioners for primary care.” I may have more to say about this later.

-I don’t like the ‘class warfare’ tone of this article, but the claims it makes are thought-provoking and merit discussion. It seems to me that most who discuss taxes willfully ignore the majority of the facts and are especially prone to motivated skepticism.

-Speaking of taxes: want to know where your (federal) taxes went last year? This information is unambiguously important to know for taxpayers, and something like the Third Way’s Tax Receipt could be extremely beneficial.

This high-school girl is really brave.

-Time doesn’t really slow down in crises, but this article on the neuroscientist investigating how time ‘works’ is fascinating.

-I don’t know anything of the nuances surrounding what’s been happening in Egypt, Libya, and other countries lately. Fortunately, my friend Anna does, and is passionate enough to voluntarily head to the region to report on it. Follow her on Twitter or catch up by reading her Huffington Post interview.

Happy Easter!

I Guess it was Time to (re)Start a Blog

So…how are things?

Admittedly, it’s been awhile. Almost a year, actually. The last time I wrote something on here, I was just about to graduate from UW-Madison, was rich with student loans and aching for a change. I’d never stepped foot in Mississippi and “leverage” was a physics principle (also a terrible TNT show). This video (especially from 1:20 to 1:30 – Boss: “Yes. This project. I wanted to share my plans going forward.” Analyst: “As opposed to plans going backwards?”) would have been funny but not in the ‘funny-because-it’s-true’ way.

Well, I’ve graduated, am still looking for change (though now it’s a change in living location), and have spent the majority of the past year in Mississippi. I’m near fluent in consultant jargon. I’ve lost touch with some friends and haven’t written much; this is a way to potentially remedy both.

You’ll notice that the few posts I did write a year ago focused on current events, health policy, and articles I find interesting. I’d be surprised if this changed a whole lot; additions will probably include posts/links on beer, food, and books.

More to come…