I Guess it was Time to (re)Start a Blog

So…how are things?

Admittedly, it’s been awhile. Almost a year, actually. The last time I wrote something on here, I was just about to graduate from UW-Madison, was rich with student loans and aching for a change. I’d never stepped foot in Mississippi and “leverage” was a physics principle (also a terrible TNT show). This video (especially from 1:20 to 1:30 – Boss: “Yes. This project. I wanted to share my plans going forward.” Analyst: “As opposed to plans going backwards?”) would have been funny but not in the ‘funny-because-it’s-true’ way.

Well, I’ve graduated, am still looking for change (though now it’s a change in living location), and have spent the majority of the past year in Mississippi. I’m near fluent in consultant jargon. I’ve lost touch with some friends and haven’t written much; this is a way to potentially remedy both.

You’ll notice that the few posts I did write a year ago focused on current events, health policy, and articles I find interesting. I’d be surprised if this changed a whole lot; additions will probably include posts/links on beer, food, and books.

More to come…



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