Life Update (for the non-Facebook stalkers)

To date, this blog hasn’t been especially personal – if you look back through the posts, you could be forgiven for not knowing anything about me. I’m going to try to work on that.

In April 2011 – when I last posted – I was living in Minnesota, travelling to Jackson, Mississippi each week for work. Since then, I’ve worked in Charlottesville, Virginia and Palo Alto, California. I lived in Palo Alto for eight months during my project and moved to Denver, Colorado in April.

My wonderful friend Anna hosted my girlfriend and I during a trip to Israel (that’s the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, above – it’s the gold one), Jordan, and Turkey, which was eye-opening and amazing.

Denver in the summer has been chock-full of breweries, biking, Rockies games, and meeting new friends, with some hiking (and camping soon). Plus I was back in Minnesota for the State Fair (which is exactly what you would expect it to be, Hotdish-on-a-Stick and all).

So that’s me, in this moment anyway. More to come –



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