Medicaid in 1000 Words – and Three Charts

(Note: this is cross-posted from Project Millennial, a group blog focusing on health policy and our generation. You should check some of the other writers out here)

Thanks to a certain saxophone-playing former President, and a noodling current Vice President candidate, Medicaid is actually being discussed in this year’s presidential race. As a burgeoning policy wonk, this is great news – Medicaid isn’t well understood, but it affects the lives of millions of Americans, in ways they mostly aren’t aware of.

Here’s the deal: Medicaid is complicated and confusing, and there are lots of simpler things to think about (10,000 people showed up to the Walker Art Center’s Cat Video Exhibition, where they sat and watched… cat videos). But it’s extremely important that we have a better grasp of who Medicaid helps and what it actually funds – for ourselves, our current/future families, and our parents.

This is my attempt to elevate Medicaid awareness to Cat Video levels.

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