(Cross-Posted from Project Millennial) Choose your Own Adventure: Medicaid Edition

Cross-posted from Project Millennial, a blog focused on health policy and our generation that I occasionally write posts for. Check it out)

Most Americans who are keeping up on election-year politics (excluding maybe the Undecided Voter) understand that Election Day is a pretty big deal this year. What most people might not be keeping up with is that Medicaid will incur some of the most profound changes, in ways that are like to affect how you and your family purchase and consume health care.

But, first things first: you read my last post, right? In it, I gave a 30,000 foot view of Medicaid – who is eligible, what it pays for (you’ll be surprised, I bet), and how much it costs. All in all, it’s the status quo, and it’s what Medicaid will look like if America re-elects President Obama in the November edition of Choose Your Own Adventure.

Wait, you haven’t read the post yet? OK, tell you what. You read it, and while I’m waiting I’ll learn to dance Gangnam Style. It’s a win-win.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s dive into the policy weeds to see what may happen under a Romney/Ryan administration. By now, you’re well acquainted with the Medicaid Motto, but it’s worth repeating: It’s complicated.

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