Friday Linkage

  • My friend Anna Day allows herself to be blindfolded in Syria to report on the “candy factories” produce rebel ammunition
  • The global development community debates the best way to provide artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs, or the current best-practice antimalarials) to those who need them most. Without knowing enough to establish a comprehensive opinion, it seems to me that the strategies are not that far apart, and that a public-private partnership is possible, and recommended (here’s the Oxfam report it discusses)
  • This opinion from the writer of development blog Beyond Good Intentions strikes me as overly negative. I’ve recently been fire-hosing aid/development information, so I don’t have a fully-informed opinion, but in general I think that well-intentioned, smart, reasonable people can have a positive impact if they focus on the community and listen
  • Andrew Sullivan lays out the moral case for re-electing President Obama. I think he overstates #2 and overlooks the moral components of other policy issues (to name a few: abortion, redistribution, and climate change) but it’s nevertheless an effective way to turn esoteric policy prescriptions into moralistic ones
  • This Radiolab podcast on how humans pick up the idea of numbers is utterly fascinating
  • The World Health Organization’s 2012 Tuberculosis Report is out, and – as usual – there’s good and bad in it. Most worrisome is the section on Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) and Extensively Drug-Resistant TB (XDR-TB)

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