Weekend Links


  • Africa Through Western Eyes – Worthwhile take on how the West has viewed Africa, from a savage and inferior continent to an “emerging continent” today. The author makes a great point about the need for Western media outlets to hire local journalists to provide insight on their areas rather than Westerners
  • With 2015 – the hard-stop for the Millennium Development Goals – rapidly approaching, the talk of the town is “what next?” David Cameron, the UK’s Prime Minister, wrote an op-ed outlining what he saw as the necessary next steps (promotion of the rule of law, property rights and strong institutions, and removing greed and corruption). Chris Blattman wrote a constructive critique discussing the areas where he felt Cameron fell short (mainly not discussing industrial policy). As someone fire-hosing development policy/knowledge, the point-counterpoint structure really helped me get a better handle on it
  • Speaking of the Millennium Development Goals – here’s a useful overview

Election 2012

  • A neat interactive graphic that allows you to play around with toss-up state results to see the different paths to victory for President Obama and Governor Romney. Play around with it for more than a few minutes and you’ll find that Ohio is an absolute must-win for Governor Romney. Also, according to the site there’s a 1% chance of a tied electoral college – if that happens, the House picks the President and the Senate picks the Vice President, which would effectively be a Romney/Biden ticket
  • The Economist tepidly endorses President Obama, going the “devil you know” route
  • I woke up at 5:00 AM on Friday morning and couldn’t sleep, so I wrote about why I voted for President Obama this year



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