(Cross-Posted from Project Millennial) So, Now What?

(Cross-posted from Project Millennial, a blog focused on health policy and our generation that I occasionally write posts for. Check it out)

The last post I wrote outlined what would happen to the Medicaid program under a Romney Administration. We can now add the tag “things that never happened” to it.

Regardless of whom you voted for, Millennials, one thing is clear: you voted. A lot. According to the early numbers, almost 23 million of us voted – 49% of eligible Millennials. Let’s be honest: we have a huge influence nowadays, folks.

By the time the confetti hit the floor, you probably asked an important question: “Now what?” I’ll tell you what: Christmas commercials. Seriously. On November 7th. Let’s just hope they don’t go negative.

Oh… you meant with respect to healthcare, didn’t you? Sorry, ‘tis the incredibly-early-start-to-the-season, and all that. In slightly condensed form, here’s what you, as a Millennial, should know about health reform, Medicaid, and the state-based health exchanges that are now officially official.

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