Wednesday Links

  • Things are getting worse in Israel/Gaza before they get better – which means these graphs from the Economist are out-of-date. Let’s all hope Egypt and the United States can help broker the cease-fire soon
  • Haitians are struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy. While in some ways it’s completely understandable that the lens of American news coverage was focused within, it’s a pretty nauseous fact
  • After seeing that 70% of US food aid to Cambodia was spent on freight and logistics, I have to agree with the author when he notes, “how dare we lecture developing countries about wasteful procurement, corruption, and inefficient public expenditure?”
  • This post from Sarah Kliff on Medicaid access is pretty surprising: there isn’t a difference in access to medical care between Medicaid and private beneficiaries (except for in dental). The report doesn’t go into detail on quality, though

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