About Me

The Short

You’ll want to read this if:

  • You know me personally and want to know what I’m up to/thinking about halfway around the world
  • You’re interested in international development, healthcare in developing nations, and American health policy
  • In the mold of the oft-used Isiah Berlin model outlined in The Hedgehog and the Fox, you’re a fox – drawing on myriad experiences/interests to understand the world and your place in it

Oh, and the title? It comes from the poem Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich – I really like that specific stanza.

The Long

My name is Mike Miesen – I’m 25 and currently live in Denver, Colorado. I’m a Midwesterner by birth but a D.C. Beltway-type by temperament and interest (despite not having lived there yet).

Starting in February, 2013, I’ll just be “an American” in Mbale, Uganda, as I work with a wonderful NGO (Kissito Healthcare International) partnering with the Ministry of Health to work on health system development.

Beyond those typical “stats”,  I’m the type of person who:

  • Has 20+ tabs open in Chrome at any given time and is rarely without a few books and a random assortment of magazines/newspapers – an inveterate learning and constantly curious
  • Listens to Radiolab, a class in Development Economics/Public Health, or Planet Money while running or at the gym, instead of music
  • Learns best through examples, hashing out arguments, and writing things down – hence the blog

That says a lot about me, actually.

I’m interested in big questions and (seemingly) intractable problems, which is why a lot of what I write here will be on health policy (of which I know a good amount) and international development (of which I know relatively little but am learning more every day). In addition, I’m also trying to write less-wonky, more-personal items, for the sake of becoming a better writer/being human.


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